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Books by the Members of the Department

Csaszar_Matyas_-_Az_Europai_Unio_intezmenyi_jogi_aktusaiRecently released the latest book of Dr. Mátyás CSÁSZÁR, the “Institutional legal actions of the EU”, which examines and analyzes the EU’s system of sources of law in its completeness and complexity.


The book published by the British Ashgate Publishing examines the antitrust and competition law of the U.S. and the European Union from comparative perspective. Focuses on one of their aspects, the restrictive agreements in the context of vertical intra-brand pricing and territorial restrictions.

Martonyi_Janos___Az_Europai_Unio_gazdasagi_joga_I1More than one and a half decade has passed since the first textbook of the authors had been published about the European economic law.  This is  the first issue of the new generation of the European commercial law textbook series , which completely takes into consideration the modifications of the Lisbon Treaty that came into force on the 1st of December 2009, the provisions  of the Treaties on European Union and on the  Functioning of the European Union .

Richard_Whish___VersenyjogRichard Whish is one of the best known expert of the European competition law, professor of the King’s College London. The book is an essential standard work, not only to those, who would like to look insight on the basics of the competition law, but also to the experts and university students, who would like to deepen their knowledge about the competition law of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan___Versenyjogi_jogsertesek_eseten_ervenyesitheto_maganjogi_igenyekThe so called private law claims have growing importance in competition law besides the public law, namely the judicature of competition authority. This means civil actions initiated at courts, in which ventures or individuals intend to request civil law remedy regarding to a breach of competition law. Of course the most important civil law remedy is the compensation of damages.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan_-_Kartelljogi_kezikonyvIt has been several years until now that the rules of Community competition law are applicable and relevant in Hungary, despite of the fact that the topic had not been properly worked up in academic literature. The Community competition law does not only affects through its direct effect but it covers the whole system and practice of the Hungarian competition law, so it has indirect relevance even in the exclusively national cases as well.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan_-_Az_Europai_Unio_nemzetkozi_maganjogaNowadays, within the EU in cross-border civil law suits the questions of jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments, and the co-operation of the courts are regulated by the community law. Due to this, the relevance of the Hungarian private international law regulations became secondary in these issues, the national rules prevail only in cases non-related to the EU. If the legal dispute crosses the borders and related to the EU, the rules of European private international law must be applied. The handbook introduces the relevant Community law regulations which are not only highlighted by the often inaccurate translation of the relevant regulations, but also by the decades of the European Court of Justice jurisprudence in many issues.

Martonyi_Janos_-_Az_Europai_Kozosseg_kereskedelmi_jogaThe book describes the sources of the EU-law, the system of institutions and external relations, the chances and conditions of Hungary’s accession as a framework of the EU commercial law or economical law throughout taking into consideration the most recent features of the legislation, academic literature, resolutions, and the political and economic processes. The book is the first Hungarian-language systematical presentation of the European Community’s commercial law, and material of legal higher education curriculum as well.

Prof__Dr__Martonyi_Janos_-_Jogalkotas_jogalkalmazas_Hazank_EU_csatlakozasa_kuszoben_250x250As the newest member of its European law series, the publisher provides an essay-book to the Reader. Each of the chapters are based on conference presentations held in the theme “Hungarian legislation and application of law on the threshold of EU-accession” on 6th May 2002 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The conference was organized by the Institute for Legal Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, European Legal Academy, and the Europe 2002 Foundation. The essays in the book are thoroughly revised and expanded versions of the scientific conference presentations.