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MA in International Studies

The MA Training in International Studies launched in the 2009-2010 academic year by the European Studies Centre (ESC) at the University of Szeged Faculty of Law is built on the BA Training under the same name and at the same institution. Students can choose to pursue their MA studies in two specializations: (i) Regional and Civilization Studies (The Mediterranean and Latin America) or (ii) European Studies.

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About the Objectives of the Training


The primary objective of launching an MA Training in International Relations at the University of Szeged is the training of highly qualified professionals in command of a social sciences education and able to interpret Hungary’s place in Europe and on the international playground and who are familiar with the theoretical and practical causations in international relations. Students completing this Training will benefit from their high-level language and negotiation skills. Their historical, social science and professional education background provides them with analytic and synthetic ways of thinking. Due to their knowledge acquired on the subject matter of the Training, they are familiar with global economic, legal and political processes, hence they are suitable candidates to pursuing PhD degrees as well.


About the Admission Procedure:


For admission, the following degrees can be considered on full credit-point value: international studies, international relations BA, international relations (completed in schools of higher education).

The following degrees can be taken into consideration in terms of evaluating admission requests, subject to conditions set by the institution:


(i) English Studies

(ii) Business Administration and Management

(iii) German Studies

(iv) Librarian/IT

(v) Eastern Languages and Cultures

(vi) Commerce and Marketing

(vii) Communication and Media Studies

(viii) Finance and Accounting

(ix) Politology, Political Science

(x) Roman Studies

(xi) Liberal Arts

(xii) Slavic Studies

(xiii) Social Worker

(xiv) Social Pedagogy

(xv) Sociology

(xvi) Social Sciences

(xvii) History

(xviii) Law (single course of study)


Furthermore, any student who meets the conditions of admission to the Master Training can also apply to be admitted.

It is a precondition of admission to the Master Training that the student should dispose of at least 30 ECTS points in the following domains of knowledge:


1. Introduction into social sciences

2. Legal and administrative studies

3. Economic studies

4. Political science studies

5. Historical, cultural and linguistic studies


In the first two semesters of the Master Training, up to 30 ECTS points, the following courses (determined by the institution) have to be completed, which are the following:


1. Introduction to the Basics of Civil Law

2. International Law I-II.

3. Theory of International Relations I-II.

4. Central and Eastern European Comparative Social and Political History

5. From Networking to Modern Diplomacy

6. European History in the 20th Century

7. Introduction to Public Law


Students at University of Szeged can complete these courses in advance in the course of their studies as part of their BA trainings.


At most 100 points can be acquired in the course of the admission procedure, including additional points; details regarding the calculation of points can be found in the Higher Education Admission Bulletin that is published annually.


About the Content of the Training:


The Training can be divided in three main parts: with the help of the basic materials our prospective students will familiarize themselves with the knowledge base that the professional core material and the different professional courses of the training are built on. For the acquisition of the Master qualification two foreign, advanced-level, complex (C1) language examinations (recognized by the State) are required; or one foreign, advanced-level, complex (C1) language examination (recognized by the State) and two foreign, intermediate-level, complex (B2) language examinations (recognized by the State) or any equivalent certificate of GCSE examination or any other certificate.


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