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BA in International Studies

The BA Training in International Studies is coordinated by the European Studies Centre (ESC) at the University of Szeged Faculty of Law. Education in a credit-system prescribes the acquisition of 180 ECTS points in the course of six semesters, which comprises the completion of (i) the courses of the six semesters, (ii) a professional internship, (iii) the defense of thesis and a final examination.

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In order to complete the training and acquire the BA qualification at least two foreign, intermediate-level, complex (B2) language examinations (recognized by the State) are required or any equivalent certificate of GCSE examination or any other certificate. Completion is facilitated by the fact that the BA training’s curriculum ensures professional language education in English, German and French languages.


Following completion of the six semesters and a successful defense of thesis and passing the final examination, our students will receive a degree attesting to their qualification as “International Relations Expert”.


About the Objectives of the Training


The primary objective of launching a BA training in International Relations at the University of Szeged is the training of professionals who dispose of both languages and theoretical and practical knowledge as well, who are able to aptly represent ministries or administrative, economic, commercial and tourism organizations with international relations.

Our students will be able to fulfil the commitments in academic and university institutes researching foreign policy and foreign economy, and also in institutes of the same areas of interests affiliated with the market sector.

They will be the professional, who are and will be sought on the local self-governmental level, on the county/small region level and on the regional level as well due to their vision of these segments in their broader environment as a result of their training.


About the University


The basis of the excellent research and education at our University are those 1713 professors, from among whom there are 114 Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and 643 holders of a PhD degree. Our 77th rank on the scientific top list of European universities and the fact that our university accommodates the second largest amount of student body in the country attest the University of Szeged to be one of the leading higher education institutions of the country. Most of the professors of our training are esteemed and highly qualified professors of the University of Szeged.


About the Content of the Training


The training can be divided into two legs: with the help of the basic materials (introduction to public law, politology, political science, economics, sociology, philosophy) our prospective students will familiarize themselves with the knowledge base that the professional core material (EU, legal, historical, civilization, economic, geographical and political knowledge) of the training is built on. The theoretical and practical training finishes with a professional internship of four weeks, the defense of the thesis and a final examination consisting of three parts.

Our most talented and most decorated students may continue to pursue their studies in the course of a Master Training for two years; with specializations of Regional and Civilization Studies (The Mediterranean and Latin America) or European Studies.


About the Learning Conditions


We are determined to turn special attention to our talented students and their thorough preparation achieved through both personal consultations and including them in the completion of scientific tasks. Practical courses have a pivotal role in the development of their potential and selection of students with excellent aptitudes. The systems of selecting teaching assistants and creating student research groups are already in place and serve the same purpose.

The infrastructure of the University of Szeged Faculty of Law is student-friendly, the Main Building of the Faculty is located in the City (Szeged, Tisza Lajos sgt. 54.), a location that is beneficial as regards the access to offices that students can reach without difficulty between lectures or seminars. The Legal Information Cabinet (JIK) is also located here that has free internet and software access. The University of Szeged Congress Centre (SZTE TIK) provides access to the University Library and the Student Services Office, among other Service Units of the University.


About the Admission Requirements


For information on admission to the BA training and on further question as to filling in the pertinent documentation please consult the current issue of the Higher Education Admission Bulletin, in which you can also find important information on calculating entry points and on exemptions from entry examinations.


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