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Fields of Research

Dr. Szilvia Horváth:

- The examination of the development of environmental policy means based on the principle of integration (emission trading, green public procurement)

- The effects of Community judicature on the application of these means

- The comparative analysis of the application of integrative environmental policy means in member states


László Miklós:

- The social role and acceptance of environmental law

- The development of the environmental law establishment


Anikó Bezdán:

- Fishing and hunting law, cooperative law, specialized agrarian institutions


Erika Farkas Csamangó:

- Agrarian and environmental law


Zoltán Borsodi:

- Within cooperative law: the role of cooperative safeguarding/pressure groups, their influence on cooperative legislative procedures and the Hungarian economic life; also the codification, legislative process, aims and necessity of the national law on cooperatives (2006/10)


György Mihálka:

- Environment and nature protection and conversation on the surface of Earth and beyond the atmosphere


János Puja:

- Agricultural subsidies in the EU