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Topics for Major and Thesis Papers

Steps of Thesis Process:


- choosing a topic, making an agreement with the consultant, having the thesis contract signed

- sending an 80% ready draft to the consultant via e-mail one month prior to the deadline

- sending the final version to the consultant via e-mail two weeks prior to the deadline

- having the consultations acknowledged by the consultant



Consultant: Dr. Pál Bobvos, associate professor


Major paper topics:


1. Land proprietorship – a historical overview

2. The history of vine-growing communities

3. The history of forest-proprietor associations

4. The formation of land and property registers

5. Topic of choice


Thesis paper topics:


1. The necessity of farm land consolidation in the light of land proprietorship

2. Regulations of the agrarian market

3. Possibilities of land purchase for foreigners in Hungary and Europe

4. The critique of the law on agricultural soil

5. Land leasehold regulations in Hungary and the EU

6. Topic of choice



Consultant: László Miklós senior lecturer


1. The effects of European integration on environmental law in general or on specific areas

2. The effects of climate policy on environmental law

3. The environmental law and economic regulation

4. New institutions and means of nature protection

5. Experiences of the introduction of environmental load charges

6. Enforcement of environmental liability in specific cases

7. Links between real agricultural law and environmental law

8. Voluntariness and enforcement in environmental law

9. Topic of choice



Consultant: Erika Farkas Csamangó, senior lecturer, PhD


1. The legal backgrounds of agricultural subsidies

2. The protection and land use of NATURA 2000 areas

3. Legal regulations of renewable energy sources

4. Environmental requirements in agricultural production

5. Agrarian and environmental legal measures for the protection of surface and groundwater

6. Topic of choice