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Dr. Zoltán Józsa

Cimkék: Zoltán Józsa
2010. február 12.

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor Dr. Zoltán Józsa studied Law and State Sciences at the University of Szeged (former Attila József University of Szeged) (1975-1979), where he also received the Ph.D. degree in 1997 for the thesis on Local government structure and function from comparative point of view.


He successfully habilitated in 2007, on The Development of Hungarian Public Administration System.


He’s been working at the Faculty of Law of Szeged University since 1998, as associate professor. He was appointed as the head of the Department of Public Administration Law and Financial Law in 2012. He teaches basics of public administration, public administration law, European comparative public administration law and other studies. Currently he’s been a leading researcher of OTKA project dealing with city government.


His special field has been local government structure and functions in international context, modernization of public administration, public management. He has already published several books, and more than 100 articles in different periodicals. He’s been a recognised member of several Scientifique and Academic Society. In addition he’s also been a member of expert group of Ministry of Interior devoted to modernization of territorial and local government system.


Over the last two decades he was visiting professor in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic.