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Erasmus/International Students

In order to get access to the description of courses available and open for Erasmus and international students in English and in French, please visit this article!

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Courses Available for Erasmus/International Students at our Department

1. Introduction to the Hungarian Constitutional System

Contact(s): Dr. Tóth, Judit; Dr. Lichtenstein, József; Sulyok, Márton

The course covers the following topics:

  • Short history of Hungarian constitutional development (historical constitution, formal fundamental law, reforms, transition, constitutionalization process)
  • Constitutional values
  • Separation of powers, major public organs
  • The legislation and legal sources, dualism and EU law
  • Fundamental rights, freedoms and their constitutional limitation

2. Introduction au droit public hongrois

Contact(s): Prof. Dr. Trócsányi, László; Sulyok, Márton

Les cours couvrent les domaines suivants:

  • Principes et droits fondamentaux
  • Les pouvoirs publiques de la Hongrie, l`organisation des pouvoirs publiques, le fonctionnement du régime parlementaire
  • Le fonctionnement et les décisions de la Cour Constitutionnelle
  • La protection de l`individu contre l`administration
  • L'Union Européenne et droit national

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