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Mid-Term and Diploma Thesis Topics
Recommended Topics for Mid-Term and Diploma Thesis
Department of Private International Law, University of Szeged

1. New issues in the science of private international law, particularly to the American Realist School;

2. The evolution of the concept of public policy in the Hungarian and European law;

3. New issues in the personal law of the legal persons in general and in the European law;

4. Regulation of applicable law on contractual obligations in the Rome Agreement and in the Hungarian code;

5. The role of international arbitration in the evolution of international trade law;

6. Enforcement of forign judiciary and arbitrational judgements;

7. Dispute resolution in the World Trade Organisation;

8. The principles of bilateral investment treaties and their effect in investment disputes;

9. The Vienna Sales Convention on the international sale of goods regulation on breach of contract and its practise;

10. Commercial papers in the international trade.