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List of Possible Titles for the Final Thesis

1. The Features of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

2. Workers' Privacy Protection Systems and Other Solutions (comparative legal research)

3. Enforcement of Equal Opportunities in Labour Law and/or in Social Security Law

4. Labour- and Employment Legislation in the EU

5. Social Security Law and Social Dimension of the EU

6. Japanese Labour Law, Industrial Relations and Social Security Law

7. Characteristics of the Voluntary Insurance Schemes

8. The Effects of Information Society on Labour- and Social Security Law (Challenges of Labour- and Social Security Law in the 21st Century)

9. Functions of Social Clauses on the Grounds of Labour Law and Social Security Law

10. Regulation of Atypical Employment

11. Ideas and Practices for Creating a Social Supply Service System

12. Social Protection System Characteristics Regarding Family Benefits

13. Characteristics of The Unemployment Benefit Systems

14. Features of the Universal- and Supporting Types of Social Security Systems

15. Green Collar Employment/Renewable Energy and their Labour Market Contexts

16. Coordination of Social Security Systems in the EU

17. Old Age in Labour Law and Social Security Law

18. Legal Aspects of Long-term Care

19. Anomalies on the Introduction of the Rehabilitation Allowance

20. Flexicurity

21. Free Movement of Persons in the EU

22. Special Needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the field of Labour Law

23. International Labour Standards (Regarding the ILO in Particular), and their

24. Functioning in Hungarian Labour Law

25. Family-friendly Workplace

+1 Optional Topic (after consulting with the Consultant)