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The Chinese education system


On 12 November 2012 the Students' Association of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of University of Szeged (SZTEP) gave a lecture about the Chinese educational system with participation of Chinese students studying at University of Szeged.

The cover-all introduction of the Chinese educational mechanism and deeper knowing of the Chinese culture were the topic on the occasion that 8 law students from Sanghai are studying here on the Faculty of Law in Szeged. The present audience could face such curiosities , for example, that in the Chinese People's Republic there are only six-grade primary schools followed by secondary schools divided into Junior High School and Senior High School, both of them last 3 years and after that students can apply for admission to university for a four-year degree. Of course beside the introduction of educational system they talked about Chinese traditions, educational customs among other things and about that , too that these students are only "heralds" of a long-run Hungarian - Chinese cooperation of which the Faculty of Law and Political Siences of University of Szeged is not only one of the initiators with University of Law and Political Sciences of Sanghai, but in its frame we can anticipate other students' visit to our country in the near future.