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Visiting Lectures in the United States

University_of_ToledoPéter Mezei, Senior Lecturer of the Institute of Comparative Law delivered visiting lectures at three different Law Schools in the United States during the summer of 2010.

BaltimorePéter Mezei, Senior Lecturer of the Institute of Comparative Law, was invited by the Phillip J. Closius, Dean of the Law School, University of Baltimore, to teach a comparative copyright law course ("Intellectual Property Law Policy - National and International") in Baltimore between May and July 2010. The course included the comparative analysis of the national and international rules/conventions on copyright law, patent law and trademark law. Several guest lecturers contributed to the course, including professors (William Fryer) and leading trademark and patent lawyers (John Rynkiewicz and Vincent Garlock). Within the frames of the course "online chat sessions" were organized, where professors and practicing lawyers from several countries (US, Germany and Hungary) presented their opinion on the interesting topics to the students.

ClevelandPéter Mezei travelled back to the United States in August 2010, and delivered a course ("Comparative Digital Copyright Law") in two separate Law Schools. First at the University of Toledo, and after that at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (both in Ohio). These "flex courses" allowed Péter Mezei to introduce several interesting and actual digital copyright issues (P2P filesharing, digital sampling, library digitization) to students of the United States from a comparative perspective.