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Constitutional Law

ATTENTION! Clarus Press (Ireland) has published the volume 'The Basic Law of Hungary: A First Commentary', written by three prominent Hungarian constitutionalists, Prof. Balázs SCHANDA, András VARGA ZS. and Lóránt CSINK. The English-language book is the first foreign-language volume to provide valuable insight into the theoretical, practical and political considerations behind the adoption of the new Fundamental Law. A PDF-version of the book can be downloaded here.

10 October 2012, Paris - The Constitutional Law Research Centre of the Université Paris I Sorbonne, École de Droit and the University of Szeged Department of Constitutional Law, in partnership with the European Studies Centre co-organize an international conference on questions related to constitutional identity in European legal thinking, inspired by the new Fundamental Law of Hungary. (Identité constitutionnelle et valeurs européennes communes: analyses á partir de la constitution hongroise) Participants include French, Belgian, Norwegian and Hungarian constitutionalists such as Jean-Marc Sauvé, Dominique Rousseau, Bertrand Mathieu, Anne Levade, Francis Delpérée, Eivind Smith or Peter Paczolay, Miklos Kiraly, Marta Dezso. Further details to follow.


28 September 2012 - The Research Institute for Hungarian Communities Abroad, the Euroepan Studies Centre (ESC) of the University of Szeged and the Department of Constitutional Law co-organize an international conference and round-table talks in Budapest on the issues of National Policies in Europe and Accross the Globe, with particular focus on the regulation of Dual Citizenship and External Vote in Hungary and in its neighboring countries. The host of the conference are Mr. Zoltán KÁNTOR, Director of the Research Institute and Prof. László TRÓCSÁNYI, Director of the ESC. Besides experts from neighboring countries, researchers and professionals will exchange ideas on regulatory models followed by Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, by other member states of the CoE and by certain overseas jurisdictions. Detailed program to follow in August!


May 2012 - Following the fruitful cooperation of the professors of the University of Szeged and Pázmány Péter University the first comprehensive law book on the new Hungarian constitutional system was published by HVG ORAC in Hungarian. The book, edited by Prof. László TRÓCSÁNYI and Prof. Balázs SCHANDA, provides extensive insight into the workings of Hungary's constitutional system after the 2011 adoption of the new Fundamental Law and helps students understand the main issues by comparative studies od certain legal institutions in several topics.


Between 15th and 21st of April, Marton SULYOK visited the University of Oxford to meet David ERDOS, who is a Katzenberg Research Fellow at Balliol College. In their talks they touched upon the subjecs of possible joint resarch projects in the field of privacy and they discussed the operation of the Hungarian Data Protection Authority and the general status of personal data protection in Hungary. The foreign-language training programs at the Faculty of Law in Szeged were also subject to discussion.


March 22-24th, Cluj-Napoca, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Law - International Conference on the Efficiency of Legal Norms - Márton Sulyok, Assistant Lecturer at our Department presented his paper entitled "Putting the Cap on the Cap - Assessing Factors of Efficiency in the Governance of Information Societies". (Slides available here.)

Anita Volford, PhD researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Szeged, also presented a paper on the Efficiency of the Public Procurement Legal Framework. (Slides available here.)

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