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Study it from a student! - An American law student's lecture for Hungarian and Chinese students

Donald StevensDonald Stevens, a third year student o the University of Chicago offered an introduction to the affirmative action case law of the United States Supreme Court on a workshop organized by the Institute of Comparative Law.

November 26, 2012

After 2008 and 2010 the Institute of Comparative Law hosted an Amarican university student for the third time, who performed a presentation from his narrow field of interest to  participants of the American Legal Expert's Training (a szakfordítói pontos angol nevét nem találtam ezt írd már be légyszi)and also to Chinese participants of the Gateway programme


Donald Stevens' studentsDonald Stevens, a law student in his third year form the University of Chicago, arrived to Hungary as a participant of the Boren scholarship in order to improve his Hungarian language skills. At the same time he made contact with Dr. Péter Mezei in order to widen his knowledge on the filed of copyright law. He also planned to organize a workshop about a recent decision of the United States Supreme Court. (About the scholarship of Donald Boren you can read more here: Donald arrived to Szeged at the 19th of November 2012 and presented the Fisher case to a crowd of approximately twetny people. The Fisher case dealt with the affirmative action of the University of Texas. Durint the two hours long session the Hungarian and Chineese students got a broader view of the practice and of the Supreme Court regarding affirmative action.