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István Csongor NAGY (co-author) – Private law claims arising from breach of competition law, 2009.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan___Versenyjogi_jogsertesek_eseten_ervenyesitheto_maganjogi_igenyekThe so called private law claims have growing importance in competition law besides the public law, namely the judicature of competition authority. This means civil actions initiated at courts, in which ventures or individuals intend to request civil law remedy regarding to a breach of competition law. Of course the most important civil law remedy is the compensation of damages.

The actuality and importance of the topic is shown by that the European Commission adopted a Green Paper (European Commission Green Paper - Damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules) in the subject, which was opened a wide range professional debate.. There is also a vivid discussion in the Members States, which resulted numerous international conference, foreign language scientific article and analysis. The authors intended to associate to this debate with their book, which is a real novelty in the market with its comprehensive and practical problem-solver attitude.

One of the co-author of the book is István Csongor NAGY associate professor of the Department of Private International Law in University of Szeged.


Co-authors: Gábor FEJES, Péter SZABÓ, Bálint BASSOLA, Pál BELÉNYESI, Balázs CSÉPAI, Zsigmond DEDICS, Zoltán HEGYMEGI-BARAKONYI, Márton HORÁNYI,  Dorina JUHÁSZ.


Editor: Mrs. György BOYTHA.


The book was published by HVG-ORAC Publishing (Budapest, 2009)


Source: The webpage of the Publisher