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István Csongor NAGY (co-translator): Richard Whish – Competition Law, 2010.

Richard_Whish___VersenyjogRichard Whish is one of the best known expert of the European competition law, professor of the King’s College London. The book is an essential standard work, not only to those, who would like to look insight on the basics of the competition law, but also to the experts and university students, who would like to deepen their knowledge about the competition law of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The book looks through the elements of competition law and examines how they take their effects on the forms of business activities while it introduces to the economic background in which framework the competition law can be able to operate in the United Kingdom, the European Union and throughout the whole world. It analyses in deep details important topics such as the merger control, horizontal or vertical agreements, abuse whit dominant position, issues of the intellectual properties or the obligations of member states in connection with the competition. The work deals with all of the legislative acts and their regulations in details, introducing the Reader to its interrelations, to the system of possible consequences, or to the experiences of practical application of regulations.


The Hungarian translation of the book’s sixth edition was carried out by István Csongor NAGY associate professor of the Department of Private International Law in University of Szeged. The book was published by the HVG-ORAC Publishing (Budapest, 2010).


The publication of the book was supported by the Hungarian Competition Authority.


Source: The webpage of the Publisher.