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István Csongor NAGY: The Private International Law of the EU, 2006.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan_-_Az_Europai_Unio_nemzetkozi_maganjogaNowadays, within the EU in cross-border civil law suits the questions of jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments, and the co-operation of the courts are regulated by the community law. Due to this, the relevance of the Hungarian private international law regulations became secondary in these issues, the national rules prevail only in cases non-related to the EU. If the legal dispute crosses the borders and related to the EU, the rules of European private international law must be applied. The handbook introduces the relevant Community law regulations which are not only highlighted by the often inaccurate translation of the relevant regulations, but also by the decades of the European Court of Justice jurisprudence in many issues.

The monograph of István Csongor NAGY associate professor at the Department of Private International Law of University of Szeged works up the relevant jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, the explanatory reports, green papers of the regulations and the academic literature of the topic. One of the virtues of the book is that the author thoroughly reviewed the relevant English, French and German literature. Besides the international nature of the book another virtue is that it was written by taking into consequent consideration the relevant standpoints of Hungarian law and Hungarian legislation. So special attention is devoted to how certain Hungarian legal institutions and solutions classified, interpreted under the community legal regime. It is necessary, because not enough time has passed since Hungary’s accession for the response of the European Court of Justice on the problems and questions arisen by the symbiosis of the Community and Hungarian law.


The work is intentionally a problem-raiser and –solver one by considering its methods. The author’s goal was to define those jurisprudential questions which arise intensively, to draw up alternative resolutions according to the academic literature and presents his scientific point of view in the questions where there is not a matured Community case-law.


Proofread: Prof. Dr. László KECSKÉS


The monograph was published by HVG-ORAC Publishing (Budapest, 2006)


Source: the webpage of the Publisher.