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István Csongor NAGY: Handbook of Cartel Law, 2008.

Nagy_Csongor_Istvan_-_Kartelljogi_kezikonyvIt has been several years until now that the rules of Community competition law are applicable and relevant in Hungary, despite of the fact that the topic had not been properly worked up in academic literature. The Community competition law does not only affects through its direct effect but it covers the whole system and practice of the Hungarian competition law, so it has indirect relevance even in the exclusively national cases as well.

The “The Handbook of Hungarian and Community Cartel Law” by István Csongor NAGY associate professor at the Department of Private International Law of University of Szeged works up the most important field of restrictions on competition, the rules of cartel law. Besides the practical orientation of the work it was an important point of view during the writing of the book to give help to expert readers who are getting into the topic in depths and also to give clear guidance to the lawyers not familiar within that field of law.


Proofread: Dr. Péter MISKOLCZI-BODNÁR and Dr. Gábor FEJES.


Published by the HVG-ORAC Publisher (Budapest, 2008.). The publication of the book was supported by the Hungarian Competition Authority.


Source: The webpage of the Publisher.