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Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI (co-author): Legislation and application of law on the threshold of the Hungary’s EU-accession, 2003.

Prof__Dr__Martonyi_Janos_-_Jogalkotas_jogalkalmazas_Hazank_EU_csatlakozasa_kuszoben_250x250As the newest member of its European law series, the publisher provides an essay-book to the Reader. Each of the chapters are based on conference presentations held in the theme “Hungarian legislation and application of law on the threshold of EU-accession” on 6th May 2002 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The conference was organized by the Institute for Legal Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, European Legal Academy, and the Europe 2002 Foundation. The essays in the book are thoroughly revised and expanded versions of the scientific conference presentations.

The well-known authors dealt with various and significant issues, such as the public law and constitutional law conditions of the accession, the effects of the harmonization of law, European tendencies in the administration, and the preparation for the expected changes by law enforcement bodies. The book gives high priority to the problem of constitutional amendment for integration purposes emphasized on the conference. It’s worth to take a retrospection with the help of the Epilogue of the book also for practice lawyers, other lawyers, and non-professionals as well on the opinions, thoughts expressed prior the controversial constitution amendment progress, to take a look at the changing Europe before the accession, in which the editor evaluates the changed text and the reasoning behind it under the conference called „Constitutional preparation for Eastward enlargement of the European Union” organized by the College of Europe and European University Institute in Florence, in January 2003.


The co-author of the book is Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI university professor at the Department Private International Law in University of Szeged. Further co-authors: Dr. Jenő CZUCZAI, Dr. Zoltán LOMNICI, Dr. Tamás SÁRKÖZY, Dr. András SZECSKAY, Dr. Pál VASTAGH, Dr. Imre VEREBÉLYI, Dr. Imre VÖRÖS.


Editor: Dr. Jenő CZUCZAI


The book was published by the KJK-Kerszöv Publishing (Budapest, 2003.)