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Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI (co-author): The Commercial Law of the European Community, 2003.

Martonyi_Janos_-_Az_Europai_Kozosseg_kereskedelmi_jogaThe book describes the sources of the EU-law, the system of institutions and external relations, the chances and conditions of Hungary’s accession as a framework of the EU commercial law or economical law throughout taking into consideration the most recent features of the legislation, academic literature, resolutions, and the political and economic processes. The book is the first Hungarian-language systematical presentation of the European Community’s commercial law, and material of legal higher education curriculum as well.

Co-author of the book is Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI university professor at the Department of Private International Law in University of Szeged. Further co-authors: Dr. Barna BERKE, Dr. György BOYTHA, Dr. Egon DIENES-OEHM, Dr. Miklós KIRÁLY, Dr. Ferenc MÁDL.


Editor: Dr. Mikós KIRÁLY


The book was published by the Complex Publishing (Budapest, 2003.).


Source: the webpage of the Publisher