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Dr. Mátyás CSÁSZÁR

Dr. Császár Mátyássenior lecturer, Ph.D., dr. juris

Bocskai street 10-12., No. 81
Consulting hours:
by appointment
+36 (62) 343-179

Dr. Mátyás Császár senior lecturer is establishing member of our Department. He studied law at the Faculty of Law of József Attila University in Szeged, and graduated summa cum laude in 1995. He took the bar exams in 1998, he is attorney at law since june of 1998. He made scientific researches with researcher schoolarships at the Faculty of Law, University of Florence in summer of 1997 and in Faculty of Law, University of Warwick in december of 1998 and oktober of 1999.

In his researches he focuses on the sources of European law, private international law and the private international law of the EU. His first publications came out between 1998 and 2001 in the thema of European law sources: The Direct Effect of Directives (Acta Juridica et Politica, Szeged, 1998.), The System of Sources in European Union's Law (Studies About the EU Institutions and the Legal Harmonisation, József Attila University, Faculty of Law, Department of International Law, Szeged, 1998.), Hierarchy in the Sources of European Union’s Law (Acta Juridica et Politica, Szeged, 2001). After a long period he published a study in 2008 in Hungarian: Conflict of Law in non-contractual obligations: Rome II. EC regulation vs. Hungarian Code (Európai jog (European Law), 2008), that followed by new articles: The conflict laws in non-contractual obligations: community law vs. Hungarian Code (In: Európai kollíziós kötelmi jog (European regulation on conflict of laws in obligations), edited by: Dr. Imre Vörös - Dr. Gábor Palásti, KRÍM Bt., Budapest 2009.), The regulation of cross-border dental services in the European Union (Jogtudományi Közlöny (Hungarian Journal of Legal Sciences) 2010/6., Budapest), Legal Acts of the European Union’s Institutions after the Treaty of Lisbon (Európai Jog (European Law), 2011/1., Budapest), The Institutional Legal Acts of European Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters before and after the Treaty of Lisbon (De Iurisprudentia Et Iure Publico, 2011/3.,

He is fluent in English and in Italian, speaks basic Russian.

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