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Former Members and Colleagues

appointed lecturer (attorney at law - Subotica, Serbia), Ph.D., dr. juris 1997 - 2012

Tamás Korhecz attorney at law (Subotica, Serbia) as invited lecturer took part in the educational tasks of the Department between 1997 and 2012. He holded courses about the private international law systems of the neighbouring countries.

He conducted his law studies at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law between 1950 and 1956 and in Szeged at the József Attila University, where he obtained his law degree in 1974. He earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law in 1987, which he also defended in Szeged, at the József Attila University, Faculty of Law in 1999. During his legal career he was municipal, district and higher court judge, later judge in the Supreme Court of Vojvodina. He is attorney at law since 1997. He was visiting lecturer at the Department also since 1997. He published more than 30 scientific papers in Hungarian and in Serbian in the fields of civil law and private international law.

Mrs. Sándor KÁVÁSSY

department secretary 1996 - 2012

Mrs. Sándor Kávássy managed the administrational issues of the Department since its establishment in 1996. Without her beneficent work, experience of decades and exemplary diligence the departmental work would have been unimaginable. She retired in autumn 2012 after 16 years spent at the Department and almost half a century worked at the University.