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SZTE ÁJTK Doktori Iskola  --  Graduate School (In English)

Application - Step by step

Read the step by step description on the admission procedure to the Graduate School below, and download the Application Form from here!

1. You can get admitted to the Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Szeged if

- you graduated in master education,

- or you graduated in undivided education

- or you have a university diploma and at least one C type intermediate level language exam acknowledged by the state.


2. Check if you comply with the basic requirements (you can also submit your application if you participate in the last year of master education or undivided education)!


3. Find information on PhD training, the educational plan and admission requirements! Decide in which field you wish to research and whether you apply for a state scholarship or for privately financed form!


4. Watch the announcement and deadline published on the homepage of the SZTE Doctoral Institute and in the state doctoral admission information! (The announcement is issued annually in April.)


5. Download the application form from the homepage of the Doctoral Institute and submit your application in accordance with that and in the prescribed deadline also attaching the prescribed attachments!


6. You receive the note on the admission interview (along with that you also receive the check to pay the fee of the admission procedure).


7. Study the evaluation method and point obtaining system used during the admission procedure (the 2nd point of the Faculty’s amending rules to the I. Rules and Regulations on PhD training and on the Awarding of the Degree of PhD)!


8. Take part in the admission interview in the appointed time and place! (The point of the admission exam is to evaluate the professional knowledge and professional intelligence of the applicant and obtaining information concerning the applicants plans on his/her future PhD work, previous scientific activity and language skills)


9. The admission committee evaluates the performance of the applicants and recommends or not recommends their admission. The Faculty’s amendment to the Rules of PhD training and on the Awarding of the Degree of PhD of the SZTE contains the applied evaluation and scoring method.


10. The Council of the Doctoral School makes an ordered list on the applicants based on the obtained points and the Doctoral Council (of the Scientific Field) decides on their admission with the approval of the Doctoral Council of the University.


11. You receive information on the result of your application.

!!! Application Form (Graduate School) !!!