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Lectori Salutem


Dear Colleagues, Students, Visitors and Prospective Colleagues and Students!


Allow me to welcome you all on the website of the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged (USz) on behalf every member of our Faculty staff!


Szeged and the USz has always been and still is an important national hub of young scholars and professionals from every part of the globe. One of its many attractive features is the flourishing international university life both on the students and on the professors level as well. Szeged and USz is accommodating more than 30.000 students at twelve Faculties that offer programs which can serve a myriad of different interests and career opportunities. The city offers many interesting and challenging experiences for everyone, both in studying and in teaching and this is especially true in the case of the Faculty of Law.


Besides the colorful curriculum taught in Hungarian, we offer a wide range of very interesting undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses, some of them in German, in French and also in English. Our Faculty disposes of a wide-range national and international professional network between universities, NGOs, public administration authorities. Almost all of our Departments established lasting and thriving student exchange programs (Mainz, Udine, Potsdam, Exeter, Paris, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Barcelona) over the past decades that can help our students broaden their horizons and figure out for themselves where and what they would like to do when they graduate. The legal profession is becoming more and more borderless within an Europe that is constantly changing. We shall think ahead and use the opportunities offered by the freedom of movement and the mutual recognition of diplomas within the Union.


As a foreigner, you must ask yourself the question reading this short introduction: Why come to Szeged? In all fairness, all I can say to you now is this: If you feel ready to face the interesting challenges of studying in a blossoming international community that provides great opportunities to study and then work in a foreign-language environment then you can choose, among others, from various courses or programs offered at the Szeged Faculty of Law. These include, without limitation, an Economic Law Training in German, a Master’s Training on European Law in French, a Comparative Law Program in English, French or German an, last but not least, an American Legal Expert Training in English, just to mention a few.


I hope that by browsing this website you will be able to find what really interests you and gets your attention, and I sincerely wish that me and you can share the Szeged Faculty of Law Experience in the not so distant future!


Once again, welcome and good browsing!


Yours sincerely,


Prof. Dr. Imre Szabó

Dean of the Faculty of Law

University of Szeged