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The Members of the Institute
Dr. Badó, Attila, Professor of law, PhD, Head of the Institute

Attila BadóE-mail:
Phone: 62-544-300

Fields of interest: jury trial, fair trial

Dr. Heka, László, Associate Professor, PhD

Heka LászlóE-mail:

Fields of interest: Constitutional and legal history of South Slavic countries, Islamic Law

Dr. Mezei, Péter, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Mezei PéterE-mail:

Phone: 62-546-735

Fields of interest: comparative copyright law; African law

Dr. Bóka, János, Assistant Lecturer

Bóka JánosE-mail:

Phone: 62-543-601

Fields of interest: Comparative contract law; East-Asian Legal System

Dr. Almasi Ibolya, LLM, Research Fellow

Almási IbolyaE-mail:

Magyari, Csabáné, Visiting Lecturer

Magyari CsabánéE-mail:

Field of interest: graphology

Samantha Joy Cheesman, PhD Student

Samantha CheesmanE-mail:

Field of interest: fair trial

Lele, Gabriella, Institutional Coordinator

Lele GabriellaE-mail:

Phone/Fax: 62-544-300