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About us
The Department of Political Science

The origin of the Department of Political Science and the education of political science at the University of Szeged dates back to 1921. The first Professor of the Department of Politics was Pál Szandtner (1884-1963), after then a number of renowned scientists and professors worked at the department, such as Ödön Polner or István Bibó.

After the change of the regime, in 1989/90, the Department of Political Theory and Contemporary History was moved to the Faculty of Law. In the meantime the acting head of department, professor László J. Nagy moved to the Faculty of Arts. He was replaced by professor Péter Paczolay in 1992. Since then the Department of Political Science holds the “Theory of the State” and the “Introduction to the Political Science“ foundation courses at the Faculty of Law and this department is responsible for the Political Science BA and MA study programmes.