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Faculty of Law and Political Science

The Faculty of Law is one of the leading law schools of Hungary, offering a wide range of trainings both in and in foreign languages.

The Faculty of Law offers a five-year long, undivided law studies, and also undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (in accordance with the Bologna-system) in international relations, political sciences, as well as in labour relations and social security administration (BA and MA). There is also a legal assistant program offered by the Faculty.


The Faculty of Law is devoted to combine theoretical education with practical training. This is best served by the division of the modules into lectures and seminars. Similarly, the undivided legal education includes a two-semester long “specialization” in fields of criminal law, business law and international law and foreign languages. Indeed, practical training is offered within the frames of the compulsory internship programs. The undergraduate and postgraduate trainings of the Faculty of Law have always been among the top three on a national level, according to the studies on the quality of higher education. Its quality is also well reflected in the acknowledgement of our diplomas on the labour market. The premises of the Faculty of Law combine the traditions and the availability of high quality IT services: all the rooms of the over a century old building [“Lófara”, named after the sculpture of a “huszár” (a traditional horse rider) located at the front of the home of the school] is equipped with computers and projectors, whiteboards, and WiFi access if also provided.


At the faculty, there are also postgraduate trainings and specializations in foreign law offered as well as a doctoral program (Ph.D). Further, the Faculty of Law organizes French and English language master studies of international relations. A growing number of visiting students – from Europe and China as well – spend one or two semesters in Szeged to study courses in English, German and French languages. The Faculty of Law is one of the msot vibrating, multi-cultural institution of the University of Szeged.


Second, third or fourth generation immigrants who wish to strengthen their cultural identity might also apply to the Faculty of Law to study in Szeged for a whole year without any formal admission procedure. Applicants might take part on any module of the Faculty of Law (both in Hungarian and foreign languages), and the Faculty will provide a certificate (“kreditigazolás”) about the credits and grades that the students acquired. The tuition fee for one semester is 1000$. If the applicant is a registered student of any of those higher educational institutions that are partners of the Szeged University within the frames of the Erasmus+ programme are allowed to study in Szeged free of charge. Should the applicant be interested in joining the Faculty of Law as a full-time student and acquiring a degree (“diploma”) at the end of the bachelor, master or undivided trainings, she should go through the official admission procedure regulated by the laws of Hungary.



 Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

6720 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 54.

Phone: +36 62 544 197

Fax: +36 62 544 204


Contact to foreign applicants

 Dr. Péter Mezei

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Affairs