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The opinion of foreign students about Hungary and studying in Szeged

We have interviewed some students studying in Hungary about Hungarians and the country. Here is what they think.

What was the main reason that you chose Hungary and Szeged as the destination of your Erasmus studies?


- I had never been in Hungary before. I wanted to find out more about life and culture in Eastern Europe. (Romane)


- I wanted to study in a part of the world i’ve never been before; and central Europe and most especially Hungary seemed to be a good choice. Indeed it was a good choice as Szeged is at the corner of South Hungary, North Serbia and West Romania which allowed me to discover many new cultures and countries. (Arnaud)


- I did not know this country and I wanted to discover its culture. I had heard a lot about Budapest and it was the occasion to experience its life and to learn about its history. On top of this I am fond of travel and Hungary’s location is perfect as it is close to a lot of other countries. (Léa)


What do you like the most in Hungary?


- I appreciate a lot the weather in Szeged! It is sunny six days out of seven. I also enjoy the pubs and bars, it is very pleasant have various places to meet friends and share a few drinks. (Romane)


- I would speak about Szeged, as it’s the place i know the most in Hungary. I really love the way of life in Szeged, it’s the city of sunshine and you can feel it with a great atmosphere outside at the café terrasse’s. The city is very well done for bicycle to move around and the the docks of Tisza are very nice for fresh air during the hottest nights. (Arnaud)


- I like the culture, people are friendly and even if they do not always speak English the major part of them try to help you. Regarding Szeged and Budapest, as far as I have seen, I think it is very dynamic for students as well as for adults. New places are opening in each corners of the city and the architectural mix between historical inheritage and modern is a success. (Léa)


Did the city of Szeged and the Szeged Law School meet your expectations?


- Szeged is a small city, but it is full of life. A lot of events are organized: parties of course, but also conferences, festivals, cultural events, etc. For instance, I took part in a Moot Court Competition in Greece recently. With a team composed of three other Erasmus students, we represented Szeged Law School at this « fake trial ». It was a great experience, very rewarding and I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of it. (Romane)


- Szeged is a very beautiful and good to live city. Concerning the Szeged Law School, it was great to discover a new way of learning law in Hungary. The lectures are very interesting and the teachers always here to help the students. I have to mention that i had the opportunity to compete for Szeged Law School in a European Moot Competition which was very instructive and nice experience. (Arnaud)


- I was delighted to discover commited professors, interesting and deepen courses. The University’s life is also very dynamic as we are proposed to participate to exacourses projects. I had the chance to be part of them and it was a great experience, which will be very usefull for the following of my studies and personnal cultural and intellectual enrichment. On top of that the mainly comparative dimension of Law courses in Szeged is really interesting. Concerning the city of Szeged in itself, everything is made for students, the ESN is very active and as the city is not too big but also not too small, it is friendly and you do not have the time to be bored in the same time. (Léa)


What would you recommend to your fellow students who are planning to come to Hungary?


- Do not hesitate! Having the chance to study abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hungary will definitely meet your expectations. (Romane)


- Just to be ready for a great year of adventure: discovering a new country, a new language, plenty of new friends from all over the world. Don’t be shy and take any possibility you’ll have! (Arnaud)


- To get involved in extra programs, even if it is extra work it is worth doing it. To discover the food (I felt in love with the John Bull’s goulash soup, kürtöskalács, rétes and pogácsa but also Coultour’s lunch menus), to travel in and around Hungary.


What is your favourite Hungarian food?


- I live cinnamon rolls, as well as kürtöskalács (chimney cakes). (Romane)


- As a french native, I have to admit that the first months were difficult for me, I was missing the cheese too much. But i had the opportunity to discover some very good hungarian meals such as the typical Goulash. I would recommend the new students in Szeged to go to the Cooltour Café for very good and cheap daily menus every day of the week. And if you have to try a burger (a really good one) go to Kapca Kavezo Bisztro. (Arnaud)


- It is difficult to choose but I think Kurtochkalacs are my favourites. (Léa)