Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar Ahol tudás és szándék találkozik

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Why Szeged City?

Szeged is the fourth largest town of Hungary. With a population of 175,000, it is the regional centre of South-eastern Hungary and the seat of Csongrád County.

Szeged and its area have been inhabited since ancient times. The name Szeged was first mentioned in 1183, in a document issued by King Béla III. The city’s most impressive monument is the Cathedral, which is located in the town centre. Every summer the square in front of the Cathedral transforms into a huge open-air theatre to host the Szeged Open-Air Festival.
Szeged is the sunniest town in the country: it boasts of the highest amount of annual sunshine. The charming warm weather invites you to take excursions to the town of Kecskemét, the Kiskunság National Park or theNational Historical Memorial Park of Ópusztaszer.


How to get to Szeged from Budapest?

By car: take motorway M5. The distance is approximately 170 km.


By train: the journey takes approximately two and a half hours by Intercity train from Budapest Nyugati Railway Station.

Trains from Budapest Nyugati Railway Station stop at Liszt Ferenc Airport station in Ferihegy so you can get on a train to Szeged right after arriving in Hungary by plane.


Anyone wanting to know general information about accommodation, transportation or places of interest can click on the following link:


If you are in need of a more student oriented information you can click on the link of the official site of the University of Szeged which provides bespoke and more detailed practicalities, just like what you need to know about hostels, where you can find good and cheap restaurants (menza), where you can open a bank-account and last but not least where you can chill-out after a heavy learning-session: