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Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI (co-author): The economic law of the European Union I., 2010.

Martonyi_Janos___Az_Europai_Unio_gazdasagi_joga_I1More than one and a half decade has passed since the first textbook of the authors had been published about the European economic law.  This is  the first issue of the new generation of the European commercial law textbook series , which completely takes into consideration the modifications of the Lisbon Treaty that came into force on the 1st of December 2009, the provisions  of the Treaties on European Union and on the  Functioning of the European Union .

The book analyses the operation of the inner market and the European Union’s common trade policy as detailed as never before. It pays particular attention to the jurisprudence of the European Court, and especially to evaluation of the cases related to Hungary.  The book primarily keeps in mind the needs of the law students , but can be advantageous for anyone, who is interested in the legislations that constitute the economical gist of the integration. (source: The webpage of ELTE Eötvös Publishing)


Prof. Dr. János MARTONYI  academic professor at the Department of Private International Law in University of Szeged wrote the VIII. part of the book in the theme "The Lisbon Treaty and the common commercial policy”. The book was edited by Miklós KIRÁLY. It was published by the ELTE Eötvös Publishing (Budapest, 2010).